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Who We Are

The Millington Group provides support to small businesses to “Increase their Bottom Line”!

We do this by providing CFO and back office services on a part-time or as-needed basis.

The Millington Group was founded on the principles of simplicity. Our intention is to provide a meaningful service while providing our clients with the tools to be successful entrepreneurs.

The concept for The Millington Group has been lingering since the late 1990’s.  In 1997, Billy Millington founded Tribrothers, Inc. with 2 partners with a dream of owning their own business.  Quickly they realized that being a business owner was much more challenging that they had realized.  Generating a continuous income stream was tough.  Operating the business included selling, buying, marketing, packaging, shipping, etc.  There were so many components.

Over time Billy realized that his key role to the business was managing its finances and operations including banking, insurance and contract negotiation.

Over 10 years the business grew nationally to include 3 wholesale divisions, multiple retail locations and a warehousing operation. 

In 2009 Billy took on a new challenge and began working for a local business as an Accounting Manager.  Quickly, he was recognized for his performance and became the Controller and soon thereafter the General Manager as well.

During this time Billy focused on streamlining processes and creating new pricing models based on those processes.  He thoroughly reviewed each task and assigned costs to identify the true value to obtain a profitable outcome.  By focusing on process and consistency allowed him to identify the successes and failures to capitalize on opportunities that may have been overlooked or correct any areas that needed to be adjusted.

Billy has a passion for people and strives to help others achieve their dreams. 

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